Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No witty title

I've discovered many things this week. The major thing I've discovered is that I just need to relax more. This seems to hold true for most things. When I relaxed about not having any grades yet for my students, magically I came up with some easy assessments. When I relaxed about pumping milk, suddenly I was pumping a lot! 

Raina is doing very well in the day care center. I try to go visit every day at 11ish (my lunch time). Yesterday I didn't make it. (No stress!) I am also visiting her at 1:30 and trying to nurse. Steve said why not nurse her at 1:30 if I can rather than pump. I was missing her by the end of the day so this was a good suggestion. On Wednesday and Thursday this worked out great. Yesterday she must have been crying because when I got there, she was getting a bottle. No biggie! (No stress!) I fed the rest of the bottle to her, had some cuddle time, and then went back to pick up my students from P.E. I didn't even stress about not pumping. (This all sounds a bit silly to most people I'm sure, but I am the type of person who sweats the little things. It's got to stop.)

Last night Steve and I were going to go to a friend's place for game night. I LOVE GAME NIGHTS! We were very tired though, so we decided to lie down for a bit and take a nap. The next thing we knew, we all, all three of us, had fallen asleep for many hours. We woke up at 5AM! I guess we were pretty tired.

Okay, the thing you really wanted, some recent photos and videos of Raina. She is about 3.5 months. (She will be 4 months October 10th!)

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Every one of us feels exactly the same when we have our first baby. The constant questioning of our decisions becomes insane. I remember when I my daughter was born, I would want to cry when I thought about what to make for dinner. It won't change your stress level in any way, but know that you're not in it alone. I assure you it gets better. Before you know it, you'll really have the hang of this baby thing and see how wonderful raising a baby can be! Lot of love, MZ