Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas rainbow

My parents and sister are in town for the holidays. This morning we had a really nice rainbow over papa johns!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fienberg-Fisher Staff Party

We had a fun time last night at our school staff party. Pam got busy with slayter and I had fun with Assistant Principal Zabala and Brenda Torres.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some good news for a change...

When you get a lot of bad news - not the kind of "you're going to die" bad news, but a lot of disappointment really - it's hard to accept good news. Yesterday we got the results of the CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling) test. The test results came back negative for any chromosomal defects. We are still trying to absorb it. The results mean that after three tries, we may actually be having a healthy baby. We are still feeling reserved. (There is one other test at 16 weeks - a blood test to check for neural tube defects.)

So at this point, it looks like in June we might be parents. Maybe after a few days, we will get better used to the idea. (Pam had a thought yesterday: "Maybe they mixed up my results with someone else's!" It's these kinds of thoughts we are still trying to work out.)

We could find out the sex of the baby, but we haven't decided on whether or not we want to know this. It might be nice to have at least one mystery...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Art Basel

Yesterday Pam and I went to the Art Basel, a big art exhibition and we got free tickets which are normally $30. At first I was a little disappointed because there was this Andy Warhol ripoff of dollar bills except it turns out it was actually an Andy Warhol! There was a lot of really interesting unique modern pieces and sculptures. Just as interesting was the "eccentric" art collector types --you could just smell the money. And the art was selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Among the unusual pieces were "chocolate santa with butt plug" and a sculpture of fingers and penises that cast a shadow figure of two mens faces.