Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where'd we get the name Raina?

We got the name Raina from a Peter Himmelman song called Raina.

Here are the lyrics:

From the album Flown This Acid World (1992)

Some say the world has gone insane
And some say that God just got up and walked away
Some say dreams have frozen
Like a river that will not thaw
But not me since I've seen Raina

Some say that all is lost
And that innocence can't be restored at any cost
Some say you lose your spirit
If you lose a sense of awe
But not me since I've touched Raina

There's so little in this world that's true
I have boundless dreams for you.

Some say there's no end to the night
And some say the reward just isn't worth the fight
But I'm no stranger to the allure of dispair
I've spent a lifetime inside his jaws
But not since I've seen Raina


Mister John said...

Okay guys, so I don't mess it up when I get to see you, is it RAY-nah or rah-EE-nah? :)

Pam & Steve Johanson said...

You pronounce it RAIN-A like the stuff that falls from the sky.