Saturday, January 26, 2008

A 5K and some new colors!

Today we did the Tropical 5K. It is great to do a race in the middle of January in quite reasonable weather and temperatures. Race start temperature was 67 degrees. I had to walk the whole thing, which was very frustrating. However, Steve kept me company, which was quite nice!
Our friends Elizabeth and Jennifer ran the 5K - their first 5k ever! The results are not up yet, but I'm sure they did great!

The other thing we did today was paint the "second bedroom." I call it this because I don't know if we are ready to call it the "baby's room." It all started when Steve was at class and I had an inclination to paint the room. The room was painted this horrible dark-royal blue. A bad idea for a small room (8X10). So I began with the primer. Then Steve got home and joined in. We decided to just go ahead and paint the whole damn thing. We decided on a color the was supposed to come out as a very, very light green. The color turned out to be more of a cream color with maybe a slight hint of green. In the end, despite the walls being in terrible shape, the room at least is a lot brighter. (To do the job correctly would have required a lot of effort and hours of sanding, so we decided to just screw it an paint.)

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nick said...

Get everything done before the kid arrives; nothing gets done once he/she arrives