Monday, January 28, 2008

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

On Sunday we went to Jonathan Dickinson State Park. It was a bit of a drive - about two hours - but we still had some fun. We took our fishing gear, swim suits, and mountain bikes. We rented a motor boat. The bad news is that the weather didn't totally cooperate. It was mostly sunny, but very windy. We caught one and a half fish. (Pam had one on, got too excited, reeled in too fast, and the fish got off - hence 1/2 fish caught.) The park is very nice though, and is far from major roadways making it quiet. We observed ospreys or kestrals (not sure what they were) return again and again to feed their young fish. (They had a huge nest high on a tree.)

We then decided to check out the bike trails. They have some trails that look pretty good. Of course, mountain biking is not something I'm supposed to be doing at 21 weeks pregnant. Still, we did the 1.6 mile novice trail. Things went well, except of course the part where Steve's seat bolt broke and his saddle popped off! Luckily, we were on a novice trail, so he wasn't barreling down some long, technical hill or anything. We kept riding though - Steve rode without sitting down!

I think we will go back to the park, but maybe make it into a one- or two-night stay to make the drive worth while. They have cabins you can rent.

Oh, also they have a "high point." The Hobe Mountain Observation Tower is a whopping 86 feet above sea level! (Hey, this is high for southern Florida!) From this vantage point, you are able to see the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. It was interesting to see a scenic view again.

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