Tuesday, January 1, 2008

does it feel different now in 2008?

umm feels a lot like 2007. Hopefully 2008 will be an easier year for us. But if we have our scheduled June baby, no jobs for the summer, its sounds like it will be an even crazier year. I have to admit I assumed by my late thirties I would have my act together and have plenty of money from my great paying job.
Yesterday we went snorkeling in Key Largo with my parents. Unfortunately, my parents are not good at trying new things and after driving and hour and a half, talking a 25 minute boat ride my mom was too afraid to try. She said putting the snorkel in her mouth reminded her of having a scary operation. And then my dad got seasick. Oh well, this whole family trip has not gone too well. I tried so hard to make this a good trip for my sister and parents. The weather was great but somehow all we did was fight. I am not even sure what I should have done differently. Sometimes it seems a situation is doomed. Well, on to anther year. Pam and I did get out there in the water but it wasn't the clearest water I have seen. Here are some pics we took with our underwater camera.

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Jack "Deep Thoughts" Handy said...

I'm sure they appreciated your efforts, even if the results were less than ideal.

Maybe your mom's dad was killed at the circus by a snorkel.

In which case, that activity was pretty thoughtless of you.