Wednesday, January 16, 2008

alien bumps & spinning with earplugs

I took my first spinning class after a long hiatus. If you take a look at the photograph you will see the alien bump beginning to form on my middle section. (19 weeks and so far things are going well. I even think I've been feeling movement or "quickening." It kind of feels like there is someone with a feather duster under my skin every once in a while.)

I've been missing biking - and it's partly Laura's fault, well, not really. But she is doing some really cool road racing - Blognuggets. Anyway, I did about 40 minutes of a 60 minute class.

I'm not sure if it is common in all South Beach clubs, but at Crunch they play "club music" to the point that one might feel like vomiting. Not only this, but in the spinning classes, they blast - and I mean BLAST- this club music. I wear earplugs. Yeah, that's right, EAR PLUGS TO A SPINNING CLASS! And with my $25 earplugs, the music still seems loud. However, it felt good to be on a bike of sorts and I kind of did my own thing in the back of the room. I got tired after about 35 minutes and went home.

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Laura said...

Will the alien come out with a pierced belly button?

Way to keep working out, woman! I've never heard of $25 earplugs, though? You know, Ernie puts bananas in his ears (probably organic ones, these days). Now that you're adding to the world's population, you're even more obligated to minimize your carbon footprint. And you really should be up on your Sesame Street...