Thursday, July 12, 2007

Urban Miami Fishing

Today we went fishing in one of many canals throughout Miami. It is odd, but these canals can contain some amazing fish. None of which we caught of course. We saw some Peacock Bass and many smaller "minnow" type fish.

The canal where we went was located in an urban area on the Tamiami Canal, just south of Miami International Airport.
The area was kind of junkie, but like I said, people do catch big fish here. A couple of locals happened by with a gigantic carp. The let it loose, but we noticed it didn't look so well later - we saw it struggling at the surface further down stream.

We found lots of shells, including many of these snail shells. (At least I think they are snail shells. I also found a skull, which I think once belonged to a small alligator. The camera had run out of battery life by then though.)

Here are some more pictures...

Some interesting ducks. I haven't looked up what type of ducks these are.

Here are Steve and I fishing. I am on an old abandoned paddle boat.

Various plants and flowers....

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