Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cameo, Jazid, Markham, and Harry Potter

By the way! I didn't know this before, but you can click on all the images to make them bigger!

Last week we checked out a bit of the rare live music in Miami Beach. For some reason, Miami Beach has many great clubs, but not a lot of live music. This place called Jazid is different. They have live music downstairs and a DJ upstairs. The band we saw was Xperimento. There music is reggae-latin-funk. They are very talented musicians. Unfortunately, not my style of music. But it was still a lot of fun to hang out and see everyone having so much fun. We went with oru friends Liz, Marc, and John. (Here's a movie clip of the band.)

Also, last week we were wandering around in the car trying to decide about office furniture. We happened upon Shorty's Bar-B-Q and we happened to be hungry. I remembered the name from a book about Miami and the Keys. They have some great BBQ - some of the best I've ever had. Steve and I had a full rack with some corn on the cob. The atmosphere is down home and casual. Prices not bad either.

This past Saturday morning we attempted to go mountain biking at Markham Park. It got hot early and we got tired early too. But we had a nice short ride. We rode with our friends Martha and Derren.

This past weekend we went to a cool Miami dance club - Cameo. We go there kind of late for getting in. (Usually it is recommended you get in line at a club before midnight. We arrived about 12:30AM.) We got in line though. After only about 30 minutes, we were in! It was a very cool club. Great music, great atmosphere! We danced and had fun. We left "early" at 2:30AM. (This is early by Miami standards. This club is open until 5AM I think. Some clubs stay open until sunrise - people are sure to bring their sunglasses to greet the sunrise!) Here is a video. Some photos are below.

Regarding Harry Potter: I received my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Saturday. I finished the book yesterday. I'd give it a thumb and a half up. It is pretty good. The final chapter seems a bit unnecessary. It's worth reading if you've read all other books.

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