Wednesday, December 24, 2008

X-mas Eve

Well, it's X-mas Eve and we are mostly packed for our trip to Puerto Rico. Steve and I are not totally sure what to expect. But we've been pouring through two books we purchased and we've been getting some information from the Internet as well. I definitely want to check out El Yunque National Forest - December 26th will be the best day so we're planning on going there then. (It's good to plan at least a couple of things otherwise you do nothing.) I want to do a hike in some of the rainforest - the only U.S. national rainforest.

I think traveling with an infant will be interesting to say the least. It is only Puerto Rico where there are American things - even a WalMart - so I'm hoping to be able to purchase some essentials when we get there - diapers, wipes, baby food, etc. We won't have to worry about passports, money exchange, etc. Although we discovered that Puerto Rico is in another time zone. The weather will be warm - we think much like Miami in the summer. We'll see. I'm looking forward to seeing some elevation/topography.

Steve has a nice looking fishing rod that breaks down small and has a case. He's hoping to get some fishing done here and there. Cool idea.

Through research Steve discovered someone's notes on a beach where you can do some nice snorkeling. (The trick is that you have to walk to the beach - only about a 30 minute walk.) So we might check this out as well.

I broke down and did a little decorating - on the door. I got the "happy holidays" thing from one of my students. There is a stocking that Raina got from a teacher at school, another stocking that is an older one for Sammy (back when she was our only "baby") and a third stocking that is one I made for Steve a long time ago.

It doesn't really feel like x-mas but it is nice that we are our own little family here in Miami Beach. We'll be meeting up with Steve's folks; and his brother, sister-in-law and nephew.

Not sure about Internet access at the places we'll be, so we'll likely have to post pictures and such when we get back - January 2nd.

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