Monday, December 1, 2008

In honor of Thanksgiving...

Well, it was a tough week. Sunday night Steve and I both became VERY sick. I think I've never been that sick before. We got food poisoning or some strong virus. Let's just say it is good that we have two toilets. The worst part is that for periods during the night neither one of us could care for Raina. She had to sit on our bed and cry a bit. It was scary actually. After speaking to a few friends, they said to give them a call if it ever happens again. One friend even said call any time. By Thursday we were feeling better, though we still didn't feel like we wanted to eat a lot. I suppose this was good as usually we overeat at Thanksgiving. Steve's parents came Thursday night and stayed until Saturday. It was a nice visit. Here are some photos and videos of Raina eating sweet potatoes. I decided to try them in honor of Thanksgiving. She seems to like them!

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