Monday, April 14, 2008

The problem with teaching kids with Spanish language backgrounds

Today in science class I talked about the 38th anniversary of Apollo 13. Or as my students would say "Apoyo 13" No joke. If you don't know, "pollo" is spanish for chicken and you say it like "poyo" hence "Apoyo 13" ... makes teaching tough! -  Steve 

went to the AVP pro volleyball tournament with one of my volleball groups. I never knew volleyball could be so serious. The winners took hom $20,000!


Laura said...

Why is the anniversary of 13 chickens important? Sounds pretty rural for Miami.

I think you meant (in your comment on my blog) that you have opossums in Miami. The opossum is a cousin of the possum. I only say that because the NZ version looks totally different (like a brown raccoon, rather than a rat). Plus, I wanted to show you that I could be an A-student at your farm school.

I have no idea whether I'm addressing Pam or Steve, BTW.

How's the little alien doing?

Laura said...

Your blog is likeable. Congratulations. A hug. Please buy all my shit at

Have you gotten this guy's spam message yet?

You don't have to publish this comment. But I noticed that approval is now required to post comments on your blog! I wonder if it's because of the hugcommenter got to you.

Pam & Steve Johanson said...


We both check the blog. Initially it was me, Pam, but then Steve was really good at keeping it updated. So now we both post stuff.

Steve wrote about the "apoyo 13."

The alien is getting more alien-like. I think she is starting to run out of space, so now instead of quick little kicks, she is rolling over. It looks weird from the outside because at times my stomach goes sideways. It's like of like someone trapped in sleeping bag that is too small for them. I periodically try to figure out things like: "Is that her butt or her head?"