Friday, April 4, 2008

Bass Fishing in the Everglades

I finally got to try some bass fishing at a pond in the Everglades today. The water has risen a lot recently and it was very difficult to fish from the shore. I did a lot of standing in swampy mud water just to be able to cast into the pond. Can you believe that this cute puppy dog was just dumped out on the road? The people who run this Miami Motocross adopted it. So I started casting with a senko plastic worm and hooked into a nice two pound bass. I noticed that two 5 to 7 foot alligators kept following me around the pond wherever I went. After catching my third bass that thrashed around a lot I finally figured out that the alligators were waiting for me to catch a fish so they could steal it as I reeled it in. Pretty frightening considering I was standing ankle deep in swamp mud. Unlike sharks, alligators can follow you on to dry land! The magic hour hit and I caught bass after bass and lost several huge ones in the lily pads. I even caught one peacock bass.

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Anonymous said...

Is that considered "catch & fling" ?