Saturday, February 9, 2008

two people dead 30 feet from our house!

South Beach residents and tourists said they are shaken after a gunman fatally shot a pharmacy employee then took his own life just blocks away on a busy stretch of Alton Road Wednesday night.
Witnesses said they heard two gunshots about 6:15 p.m. Police found the first shooting victim at the CVS pharmacy near 14th Street and Alton Road, a place where residents are accustomed to walking to nearby shops and restaurants. According to witnesses, the victim worked as a loss prevention employee for CVS. He was shot after confronting a man outside the store, Local 10 reported.
CVS employee Jafari Hilbert was not working at the time of the shooting, but he told Local 10's Kellie Butler that he believes the gunman shot the loss prevention officer after he tried to prevent him from shoplifting.

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Laura said...

Yikes. Maybe you should move back to Baltimore City. It's safer.