Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pyrophorus beetle

It's been many days. It's been crazy! I've been getting settled in here in Miami Beach. The last few days Steve and I have been struggling to put together our new bed. "A bed?!?" You might say. Yes, a bed. We purchased this bed that has drawers underneath it. We purchased the king size. We are basically building the bed - yes, the company did all of the cutting and such. Be we are doing all of the screwing together of the parts. I'll update on our progress later. The trouble is that we work on it for a while, then get frustrated/tired, and go back to it later.

Today we went mountain biking at Oleta Park. A great park. Lots of riders with REALLY sweat bikes! The official get-together was to honor a man named Leon "Lee" Szczepanski. He was a very active member of the mountain biking community down here and was a Miami Police Officer as well. He died on the trail - on a trip to North Carolina. A heart attack right on the trail! So sad! He was young, no heart problems, he apparently had a reaction to some antibiotics he was given recently.

At any rate, we met some wonderful people and took down some phone numbers. I am excited to meet some new people and hope that these develop into friendships.

The apartment is coming together and as soon as we can get the bed together, we can decide what clothes, if any, still need to be gotten rid of.

I've also purchased a single speed for "riding around town." I had originally thought I could simply buy a simple bike for around $100. Little did I realize that the "single speed craze" is well underway. Individuals and companies alike want a lot of money for a single speed bike. I ended up getting a Redline Monocog.

I hope to have pictures up here soon. Especially those of the lizards, geckos, bugs with glowing dots, and chickens I've seen around the neighborhood - and even in my own "backyard."

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