Saturday, April 11, 2009

Raina at 10 Months!

Raina is now 10 months! It's hard to believe. It's been tough but we're surviving. Last night Raina slept 7 hours in a row! It's exciting for me. Now when people ask us, "Is she sleeping through the night?" We can honestly answer, "Yes!" (Medically speaking, sleeping through the night for a child of her age is 6 hours in a row.) Over the last couple if days, we've been "training" Raina to go to sleep on her own. She's been doing a really good job. The first night (Wednesday) she cried for 40 minutes. (We'd check in on her to reassure her every 5-8 minutes. The next night, only one check and she went to sleep in about 15 minutes. Last night we didn't have to go in at all. Even when she woke up at 3:20 (after going to sleep at about 8:30), it only took a about 5 minutes to get her back to sleep.

On Thursday, Steve's parents came to town. They purchased a small condo down the street from us that they plan to use when they visit and to also rent out to vacationers. Yesterday, Steve went with them to IKEA for a marathon shopping trip. You forget how much you have to buy when you are furnishing a new place from scratch - even a tiny place like this one.

The previous night (Thursday) we went for a walk at the newly reopened South Pointe Park. Below is a photo.

Raina also has some bad diaper rash. I am pretty convinced it is from rubbing on her diaper. She's never had any diaper rash until now. We've been letting her go around bottomless, which has been VERY effective. If you know of a baby with diaper rash, tell the parents to let 'em go commando! (See photo below.)

Additionally, she just saved us about $.30 since she just pooped on the floor! Nice one.

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