Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Got gas?

This is kind of a long story: It all began Wednesday night... wait, actually, it began more on Tuesday night. We went on a tour at the Miami Maternity Center. (Pam had recently developed an interest in birthing at a less-hospital-like more-home-like environment.) We loved the center and Shari Daniels the head midwife. (The center and Shari are where the show House of Babies is filmed for Discovery Health Channel.) We got all our paper work including the form to give Pam's current obstetrician to have her records sent. They warned us at the center that some doctors react poorly to the news that their patient is moving to a birthing cent. "Not my doctors!" Pam thought. "They are always so nice to me." So Wednesday, Pam went to her appointment. She met with Dr. Blachar. (There are three doctors at Doral Beach OB/GYN. This is a doctor Pam doesn't remember ever seeing before this day.)
Pam: The appointment went fine. Then the doctor asked if there was anything I wanted to ask or mention. (I had originally planned to just give the desk person my form for the records transfer.) I prefaced everything by telling the doctor that it had nothing to do with the care I had been given up to now at his office, but that I wanted to birth at a less hospital-like environment. I told him I was transferring to a maternity center. Then he went from Dr. Blachar to Mr. Hyde! He was completely rude and made many comments that made it sound like I was going to give birth in an alley using some random person off the street! I was so stunned that I had to hold back from laughing out loud at this guy. He wanted to make sure I was sure because if I have any problems in the future that I could not come back! What a moron. Then he just walked out of the examination room! He was very unprofessional. So I went to the desk and got copies of my records.
On to Wednesday night. I did an easy 30 minute workout on the stationary bike. Walking home I felt some pain in my upper abdomen. As the evening progressed, the pain spread down my left side and into my lower-back abdomen. It was extremely painful - I found that if I held perfectly still and tried not to inhale too deeply, I would have almost no pain. Thursday morning, after no sleep, I called in sick. Then I felt stuck- I had just left my doctor and hadn't had my initial at the maternity center. Steve said to call the center. I called and they said to come on in. Steve went to work. As I was lying there on the couch, I was realizing that I was in enough pain that I wouldn't be able to drive. So I had Steve come back home and drive me. 
It turns out it was all a BAD CASE OF GAS! ACK!!! By Saturday was feeling better. I guess that's what I get for eating all those whole grains and vegetables. Now I take a digestive enzyme with everything I eat. 
I've also been experiencing "stitches" cramps. This is fun! 
On the good side, the baby is totally fine!

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Laura said...

That's tres freaky about your doctor.